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An Overview of Cut Resistant Gloves

Hand injuries account for more than 23% of reported workplace injuries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The facts are 70% of these workplace accident victims were not wearing hand gloves. The other 30% were not wearing the proper gloves to fit the specific application.

Although hand injuries are usually not fatal, their cost in terms of treatment and lost man-hours are high and more importantly, can be prevented. According to the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), in the US, an injured worker could spend an average of 14 days away from work.

According to the BLS, there were over 143,000 accidents in 2015. Most of these cases would not have occurred if these workers just wore the proper, cut-resistant gloves in their workplaces. That is why you, as an employee or an employer, must continually raise the bar for yourself on what it means to value safety. Thanks to OSHA’s regulations, this is no longer an issue of choice.

In this blog post, we will discuss what are cut resistant gloves, the ANSI cut rating guide, and the product line-up LGS has to offer to meet these demands.

What Are Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut resistant gloves are a special type of gloves that is engineered to protect a worker from direct contact with sharp edges such as glass, metal, and other applications. The level of cut resistance can be improved by high performance materials like Kevlar® or composite yarns made with combinations of stainless steel, fiberglass, synthetic and high-performance yarns.

Not all Cut-Resistant Gloves Are Created Equal

So how does a worker know what gloves are the right ones to use? The good news is you do not have to guess. The American National Standards Institute provides a simple rating guide to make it easier for you to choose what gloves would be ideal for your specific working conditions.

The ANSI Cut Rating Guide: How to Choose a Cut Resistance Glove

After many ANSI tests, they have come out with the ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 report which classifies gloves into 9 specific cut levels. Each level is based on the weight required to cut through a material. This classification makes it much easier to decide which glove to wear for your work environment.

How Do You Use This Guide?

1. Assess possible risks for the tasks to be performed at your workplace
2. Combine the expected risk with the below cut ratings
3. Decide on a glove that will effectively protect against hand injuries

The table below is a summary of glove performance data as recommended in the ANSI/ISEA 105-2016.

The ANSI Cut Resistance Gloves Selection Criteria


The ANSI Cut Resistance Gloves Selection Criteria
  Estimated ‘Cut Through’ Weight (In grams) Recommendations
A1 200 – 499 Not Recommended for Cut Protection
A2 500 – 999 Recommended for Light Cut Hazards
A3 1000 – 1499 Recommended for Light to Medium Cut Hazards
A4 1500- 2199 Recommended for Medium Cut Hazards
A5 2200 – 2999 Recommended for Medium to Heavy Cut Hazards
A6 3000 – 3999 Recommended for Heavy Cut Hazards
A7 4000 – 4999 Recommended for High Cut Hazards
A8 5000 – 5999 Recommended for Very High Cut Hazards
A9 6000+ Extreme Cut Hazards


FroGrip® | Seamless Coated Cut Gloves Line-up

LGS is a prominent supplier of essential PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Featuring our FroGrip® seamless coated or Daybreaker® impact cut gloves, these cut gloves are made from different engineered yarns and coatings to meet the demands of industrial environments. These comfort flex gloves form fit to your hand, have tactile sensitivity, and more breathability for various cut resistant applications. Our Daybreaker® impact cut gloves are performance driven heavy duty work gloves with TPR on fingers and back of hand delivering 360° hand protection. These gloves are perfect for working conditions that require multiple launderings for extended use. All of our highly revered cut-resistant gloves are ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 compliant.

Be sure to check our featured products this month:

FroGrip® | Seamless Coated Cut Gloves

X Grip Gray Polyurethane Palm-Coated a4938A4938 | A2 cut level with HPPE shell and PU palm coating. No fiberglass. Available in sizes: XXS-2XL

Gray Polyurethane Palm Coated A4926
A4926 | A4 cut level with HPPE shell and PU palm (latex free) coating. Available in sizes: XS-2XL

Z Grip Hi Vis Green Seamless Shell 4928HG4928HG | A4 cut level with engineered yarn shell and PU palm coating. No fiberglass. Available in sizes: XS-2XL

Daybreaker® | Impact Cut Gloves

DAYBREAKER Charger II Impact Gloves 09430943 | A6 cut level with engineered yarn shell and sandy foam nitrile palm coating. TPR along fingers and back of hand. Kevlar thumb crotch reinforcement. Available in sizes: M-2XL

DAYBREAKER Retaliator Impact Glove
0929 | A9 cut level with engineered yarn shell and sandy foam nitrile palm coating. TPR along fingers and back of hand. Kevlar thumb crotch reinforcement. Available in sizes: M-2XL

We are genuinely committed to providing exceptional safety solutions for all our customers. Our goal is to ensure our products provide value, consistent quality, and ensure it is compliant to the hand protection standards put forth by OSHA to ensure your hands are safe from serious injuries. Check out our product line of cut-resistant hand safety products or contact us for more information.