Shipping Services


We provide a Standard Pro number for convenient tracking of your shipment. To contact the regional carrier handling your cargo, please use contact list below:

AVERITT EXPRESS Phone: 800-283-7488
CONWAY Phone: 562-946-8331
Phone: 800-755-2728
CENTRAL TRANSPORT Phone: 586-467-1900
DAYLIGHT Phone: 800-468-9999
DAYTON FREIGHT Phone: 800-860-5102
EDI EXPRESS Phone: 800-365-0100
ESTES EXPRESS Phone: 626-333-9090
FEDEX FREIGHT Phone: 866-393-4585
Phone: 800-288-0743
FEDEX GROUND Phone: 800-463-3339 option#9
HOLLYWOOD Phone: 909-428-0100
Fax: 909-428-9289
UPS FREIGHT/OVERNITE Phone: 800-333-7400
OAK HARBOR Phone: 800-909-6704
Fax: 323-869-5980
PITT OHIO Phone: 800-241-1222
R & L CARRIER Phone: 800-799-0182
SAIA Phone: 800-765-7242
Phone: 323-277-2880 (CA)
Phone: 972-263-7242 (TX)
SEFL (SOUTHEASTERN) Phone: 800-637-7335
Phone: 972-579-9955 (TX)
TARGET EXPRESS Phone: 909-591-1737
Phone: 209-823-0071 (Northern California)
Phone: 562-941-2600 (La Yuma,CA)
Phone: 602-257-8381 (AZ)
UPS GROUND Phone: 800-377-4877
USF HOLLAND Phone: 866-465-5263
USF REDDAWAY Phone: 888-420-8960
Phone: 800-395-1178
WARD TRUCKING Phone: 814-944-0803
Phone: 800-458-3625
YELLOW/ROADWAY FRT Phone: 800-610-6500


Liberty Glove & Safety makes every effort to ensure that your shipment arrives on time and in good condition. Our partners work hard to maintain the lowest claim ratios of less than 1%. On rare occasions, however, shipping damage or shortage does occur. When a claim arises, we work with our customers to try and satisfy all parties.

Please follow the guidelines below to aid in the prevention of damages or shortage of your shipments:



Please inspect the shipment immediately upon receipt. Our partners require their drivers to wait for a reasonable amount of time until customers have accounted for the shipment. The delivery receipt must be signed showing the number of cases received. Please sign for piece count as well as pallets.

The freight carrier will acknowledge the receipt of the shipment from our facilities in GOOD CONDITION. By accepting the shipment from the carrier on the Bill of Lading, you acknowledge that the product has been delivered in GOOD CONDITION. Liberty Glove & Safety is not liable for any shortage or damage discovered after signing the delivery receipt. Please note once the delivery receipt is signed as “Complete,” no credits will be issued or payment deductions allowed for freight shortage or damage claims.

If any shortages or damages are discovered upon delivery, make a notation for damage and/or shortage on the Bill of Lading with a representative from the carrier present before accepting the order. Have the driver sign all copies to acknowledge the notation.



In the event your shipment is damaged, or items are lost, be sure to make note of it on the delivery receipt before signing and giving it to the driver. Specify items for the claim:

    • Damaged or unsealed package
    • Shrink wrap is torn or not intact (Liberty shrink wrap has a “STOP” tape around it)
    • Quantity shortages

Claims can be made only when it is indicated on the Bill of Lading at the time of the delivery. The claim must immediately be reported to the sales representative that handles your account by phone, fax or email. Liberty Glove & Safety must be informed within 24 hours of receiving your shipment. Our partners require us to file your claim within 15 days of delivery. If a claim is made later, we will not be held responsible.

Shortages will be subject to an investigation. If we find the claim is justified, we will either issue a credit or replace the merchandise. When shortages and/or damages result from a freight carrier’s error, a claim must be filed with the carrier immediately.


Return Authorization (RA) is required on all return merchandise. No credit will be issued without a proper RA. The customer is subject to pay a 15% restocking fee. No goods will be accepted after 30 days from the date of shipment.


Please notify Liberty Glove & Safety immediately of all damage. Do not return merchandise to Liberty Glove & Safety without first contacting your sales representative. File your claim directly by calling the sales department at Liberty Glove & Safety. Keep all packing materials, including Bill of Lading (signed by the driver) and boxes with the damaged product(s). Do not throw anything away until the claim is settled.