Why use textile and string knit gloves?

Suitable for general hand protection in a variety of environments, textile and string gloves offer comfort, breathability, and provide a range of hand protection. Woven cotton, blended fabrics, nylon, and jersey materials are all represented in this category for hand as well as product protection.

This style has continuously shown the greatest area of growth as advancements in yarns and manufacturing equipment create more cost-effective and safer solutions. This style of glove is divided into three categories of general-purpose, general cut/slash protection, and high-performance cut protection.

What type of material and styles are used?

extile and string knit gloves use different materials depending on what they will be used for and include natural cotton fibers, synthetics such as cotton/poly TC blend, nylon, or polyester. Because they are assembled through cut and sewn or seamless knits, the styles retain functionality while offering custom fitting for any general-purpose applications.

Choose from a variety of different materials, product constructions, and coatings to fit your application:

Cotton canvas gloves offer an economical, comfortable, and durable choice for industrial applications. Styles are available in clute pattern to prevent seams from splitting, knit wrist to provide a snug fit, band top for additional comfort, and gauntlet cuff for extended protection. PVC dots are cured on these gloves for additional grip, abrasion resistance, and durability

String knit gloves are extremely soft, providing excellent dexterity, and are ideal for glove liners. PVC dots are cured on these gloves for additional grip, abrasion resistance, and durability. These gloves are available in hand-specific and reversible styles.

Inspection gloves are made from 100% cotton, polyester-cotton blends, or nylon materials. These are used to protect small parts or keep the product clean from contamination. Selections of lisle or nylon inspection gloves are available in light, medium, or heavyweight.

Hot mill gloves are designed for heat protection. Constructed with multiple layers of cotton or non-woven materials provide superior comfort. Available in various weights with standard features, these gloves are an excellent choice for additional heat protection.

Cotton chore gloves provide abrasion protection for general purpose applications. Available in various weights, these gloves are perfect for insulation and heavy-duty applications.


Terry gloves are used in light to moderate heat applications. Loop-out terry gloves have more intermittent heat dissipation while looping knits are a safeguard from snags. Terry gloves are available in various weights and colors to best suit your application.


Gardening gloves are perfect for home gardeners, professional landscapers and are a great general-purpose glove.

What industries use textile and string knit gloves?

Textile and string knit work gloves are commonly used in different industries, ranging from light to heavy-duty applications.

They’re used to keep hands warm and comfortable while offering protection when handling certain materials, gardening or just when in cold environments. They’re ideal for use in refrigerated areas or automotive plants. They also work well when doing maintenance, parts handling, shipping, and receiving.

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