Custom Services

Liberty Safety’s custom services are tailored to meet the unique needs of all our customers. Whether it’s adding your logo to a vest, hard hat, safety glasses, or glove to custom packaging options, we make customization seamless and precise. We aim to provide you with PPE that is as unique as your business.

Why Branded PPE?

Elevate Your Company Image and Prioritize Safety with Personalized PPE

Featuring your company logo or a targeted safety message on personal protective equipment constantly reminds your workforce to prioritize safety. When your team wears PPE with your company logo, whether on gloves, vests, or other gear, it enhances visibility and distinguishes your team in any work environment. Our in-house branding experts will guide you in selecting the most suitable customization process for your crew’s PPE, ensuring a high-quality finish every time.

Branded PPE offers several advantages:

  • Team and Company Identification: Strategically placing your logo on your team’s gear ensures quick and easy company identification, potentially leading to increased opportunities for your business.
  • Foster a Sense of Pride: Encourage a sense of pride among your workers by having them wear branded workwear, fostering a stronger sense of community and camaraderie among employees.
  • Facilitate Worker Identification and Ensure Compliance: Branded PPE makes it easier to spot team members and shows others that your workers comply with regulations and wear the appropriate safety gear.
  • Cultivate a Safety-Conscious Culture: Branded PPE not only communicates your dedication to safety but also conveys to clients, employees, potential hires, other businesses, and the public that your organization is committed to maintaining a culture of safety.

Branding Workwear Processes

Pad Printing

Pad printing stands out as the optimal choice for seamlessly transferring two-dimensional images onto three-dimensional objects, offering a process that is:

  • Fast – Your logo is printed ten times faster than silk screen printing
  • Precise – Maintains an unparalleled level of accuracy

  • Adaptable – Able to print on either two or three-dimensional products

Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen printing distinguishes itself with a unique process where each required color has its screen layered atop one another, resulting in distinct details that are:

  • Vibrant – Produces an excellent finish with a multitude of color combinations
  • Bold – Allows more eye-catching design choices, ensuring your visuals stand out
  • Versatile – Printing frames can be tailored to accommodate various sizes and diverse fabric materials

File Formats

Great Image Quality
Poor Image Quality


Vector Files

Example File Formats: .eps, .ai


High-Resolution Files (300+ DPI)

Example File Formats: .jpg, .tiff, .png, .pdf


Low Resolution Files

Example File Formats: .bmp, .gif, .doc, .xls, .ppt

Custom Packaging Options

Vend-Ready Packs

Provide your customers with vending-machine-ready items through our vend-ready packs. Tailored for small and large businesses, this versatile solution delivers convenient packaging options for a diverse range of merchandise.

Service Hang Tags

Add value to your packaging with our customizable hang tags. Choose from two hang tag style types featuring personalized retail markings, including UPC barcoding, product item numbers, and description callouts.

Service Hang Tags
Private Labeling Custom Packaging

Private Labeling & Custom Packing

Give your packaged products a polished, professional appearance. Our service offers cost-effective options for retail-ready packaging or banding multipacks that are store-ready directly from the product cases.

Direct Import Programs (DIP)

Optimize your buying power without compromising quality control through our personalized Direct Import Programs. Specifically designed for high-volume distributors, DIP ensures significant cost savings.

Direct Imports Program (DIP) Globe
Drop Ship

Drop Shipments

Streamline your logistics and save time and money with our efficient drop shipment services. We handle your orders with precision, offering a flexible, low-investment strategy that provides scalability for your growing business.

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