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Value Added Services and Capabilities

Liberty Safety is 100% distribution-focused personal protective equipment (PPE) company, which means we are committed to providing exceptional safety solutions to all our customers. From branded PPE to custom packaging, we offer a broader range of services in conjunction with our in-house service capabilities.


Promote Your Company Logo and Your Commitment to Safety with Branded PPE

Your company logo or a targeted safety message will remind your workers to stay safe. A company logo on a glove, vest, or other personal protective equipment also means your team stands out. Liberty Safety’s in-house branding experts will recommend the right process for your crew’s PPE. From hard hats to Hi-Vis jackets, you’ll get a quality finish every time. 

Branded PPE will help:
  • Quickly identifies your team and your company – Placed prominently where others can see it on your team means they’ll quickly be identified along with the company they work for and that can lead to additional work for your business.
  • Create a sense of pride among your workers – Wearing branded workwear over generic can help develop a sense of pride among your workers and builds a sense of community between employees.
  • Ease worker identification and aids compliance – Wearing branded PPE makes spotting a particular team member easier and shows others that your workers are complying with the proper regulations and wearing the right gear.
  • Grow and enforce a culture of safety – Branded PPE that promotes safety shows everyone – clients, employees and potential employees, other businesses, and the public – that your organization is serious about safety.

Custom Logo

There are two main processes used when it comes to branding workwear: pad printing and silkscreen printing.

Pad Printing

Pad printing makes the perfect choice for transferring two-dimensional images onto a three-dimensional object and is a process that is:

Fast → Your logo is printed 10 times faster than silk screen printing

Accurate → Maintains a high degree of precision

Flexible → Able to print on 2-D or 3-D products

Silkscreen Printing

Each color required has its own screen that’s layered on top of each other, creating specific details that are:

Vibrant → Produces a great finish with a slew of color combinations

Bold → Allows for more eye-catching design choices

Versatile → Printing frames can be made to suit many sizes with different fabric materials

Custom Packaging

Vend Pack Ready

Provide your customers with vending machine pack-ready items. It is a versatile solution that offers convenient packages to accommodate small or large business merchandise.

Service Hang Tags

Add value to your packaging. Choose from two hang tag style types printed with customized retail markings, including UPC barcoding, product item number, and description callouts.

Private Labeling & Custom Packing

Give your packaged products a professional, customized look. This service provides low-cost, retail-ready, or banding multipacks that can be store ready directly from the product cases.

Direct Import Programs (DIP)

Increase buying power without compromising quality control with a personalized direct import program. The DIP is designed specifically for high-volume distributors looking for cost savings.

Drop Shipments

Save time and money with drop shipment services that handle your orders with care and attentiveness. It’s a flexible, low investment strategy that offers scalability for your growing business.

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