What are multi-task gloves?

Multi-task gloves offer protection from a multitude of hazards and tasks. Because there are so many different tasks in such a large variety of industries, consolidating your needs into a couple of gloves can be a good idea. 

However, it would be best to stay within some parameters when finding a multi-task glove for general use. Versatile protection that doesn’t compromise comfort and performance is critical in diverse environments. The risks range from low to high hazards.

Providing a glove that allows workers to transition between tasks during their workday without hassle encourages safety compliance.

What type of materials are used in multi-task gloves?

It’s essential to consider what each material offers and what is important for the task you’ll be performing.  

Depending on if your workers encounter nuisance/low cut hazards, moderate, high or extreme risks will determine what material or combination of materials would be best for your work environment and everyday hazards. 

Each multi-task glove Liberty Glove and Safety offers has a specification sheet that provides all the materials used in its construction. However, you’ll find the following materials in most multitask gloves:

  • Animal leather
  • Synthetic leather
  • Nylon and Spandex fabric
  • Engineered knit shell
  • Cotton cord palm
  • Fingertips or thumb crotch reinforcements
  • Thermoplastic rubber

In the case of mechanic gloves or impact resistance gloves, you’ll find multi-purpose materials like leather (both animal and synthetic) are often used.


Can multi-task gloves be used for everything?

When tasks are too different, it is best to choose other gloves for each job to ensure you have the protection you need.

However, if you have a group of tasks with relatively similar levels of protection (cuts, impact, abrasion) needs, you can undoubtedly pick one glove that will serve well for all of those tasks. 

What industries use multi-task gloves?

Industries that value versatility and high-quality PPE look to multi-task gloves to perform well and protect their workers in various environments while working on many tasks.


Best-in-class multi-task gloves deliver multipurpose solutions while factoring in superior durability and longevity. The value becomes apparent to those in charge of safety for their workers when injury prevention is the top priority. 

You’ll find workers using multi-task gloves in industries like:

Mechanics Construction Factory work Delivery work
Painting Waste management Manufacturing Horticulture
General assembly Automotive Warehousing Packaging assembly

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