Why is disposable safety apparel necessary?

OSHA explains that disposable protective clothing is essential where clothing might be contaminated with potentially dangerous liquids or airborne items that make using them more than once a hazard.

OSHA encourages the use of disposable safety apparel as long as it provides the required level of protection for the wearer.

Disposable gloves and coveralls can be used and then thrown away. This saves time cleaning and protects against contamination.

Disposable PPE is also very convenient and suited for occasional use, and because it’s disposable you don’t have to worry about damaging or dirtying it.

The main benefits of disposable safety apparel include:

  • Reduce risks of contamination spreading after working in hazardous environments
  • Generally more cost effective and durable for short term PPE use
  • Throw away the disposable PPE after use
  • Easy to keep a large stock of disposable PPE to provide to guests and site visitors
When is Disposable Safety Apparel Needed?

Pathogen Control

Workers who come in contact with bacteria, viruses or other pathogens that cause illness, are often required to wear disposable safety apparel.

The material used in this type of disposable gear has been tested to block the transmission of these pathogens. The CDC measures penetration resistance of bodily fluids like blood and airborne secretions through standard testing methods ASTM F1670 and ISO 16603

Disposable safety apparel that is used in healthcare must follow FDA regulations. This includes masks and respirators too.

Chemicals and Materials

Skin or respiratory irritants pose a significant threat to those workers who come in contact with them regularly. Companies that use them must provide protection for their employees.

In each case, the worker needs to consider the specific chemical and level of exposure. It’s recommended to refer to the OSHA Level of Protection which divides PPE four categories based on the degree of protection afforded.

Environmental Hazards

Many workers face environmental hazards as a part of their job. These include:

  • Dust, airborne fibers, or irritating gases
  • Heat stress or extreme cold
  • Human waste or unsanitary conditions
  • Loud noise or bright lights
  • Repetitive motions
  • Confined spaces
  • Energized circuits

For workers that may be exposed to these types of hazardous conditions, especially on a regular basis, it’s critical to ensure they have the disposable safety workwear they need to avoid health risks.

What type of disposable safety apparel is available?

At Liberty glove and Safety, you can select from a wide assortment of affordable, disposable safety apparel made by the APA® brand including coveralls, hooded protective suits, accessories, and more. From medical care workers to general cleaning, you’ll find protective workwear for any work environment.

PlusGard™ is exclusively developed by our research and development team to promote excellent breathability, durable abrasion resistance, and high-level protection against blood borne pathogen penetration.

PureGard™ is an economical alternative for excellent splash protection against light non-hazardous liquids.

PermaGard™ is a general purpose protective clothing that can be used in any non-hazardous application to protect against dirt, light liquid splashes, and particles.

ProGard™ is made with a durable material that provides non-hazardous particulate protection while offering excellent breathability

PolyGard™ is the most economical solution for general applications.

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