Choose the Right Protective Apparel for every Hazard: How to Use the DuPont™ SafeSPEC™ Product Selector Tool

At Liberty Safety we are committed to keeping everyone protected. We’re proud to share the DuPont™ SafeSPEC™ Product Selector Tool from our industrial partner, DuPont Personal Protection, which perfectly demonstrates that commitment, passion and value for safety. 

Count on Liberty Safety and DuPont Personal Protection for the expertise and experience to find the right PPE and safety solutions for your needs.

The easy-to-use tool that helps you choose the right personal protective equipment (PPE) for prevention.

According to the World Health Organization, occupational accidents and diseases cause 2.7 million deaths each year. Choosing the ideal protective clothing for your needs can help prevent up to 80% of occupational injuries and illnesses; that is where DuPont™ SafeSPEC™ comes into play.

DuPont™ SafeSPEC™ helps you select the appropriate protective apparel for particulate, biological, and chemical hazards.

This system is based on the latest safety standards and regulations, helping you meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.  While the SafeSPEC™ product selector tool is a powerful resource, employers should always rely on a full, onsite job hazard assessment before making final PPE decisions.

Get support meeting OSHA requirements in your organization.

OSHA sets and enforces standards for personal protective equipment. This product selector tool ensures that your protective apparel fulfills those requirements while covering a variety of hazards, including:

  • Chemical exposure, with a database of permeation data for more than 300 common chemical hazards
  • Flash Fires
  • Electric Arc Flash

Count on Liberty Safety, alongside our industrial partner DuPont Personal Protection, for the expertise you need to choose the right personal protective equipment for your needs.

How to use SafeSPEC™ Products Selector

Answer a series of questions about the hazards and work environment. The tool then generates a list of DuPont products that are suitable for your situation.

This list, or scenario, includes information about the products, such as the type of protection they offer, the materials they are made of, and their design features.

Let’s get started:

  1. Go to the DuPont™ SafeSPEC™ Product Selector Tool.
  2. You’ll first need to accept the terms and conditions. NOTE: SafeSPEC™ is intended to assist in choosing protective clothing for particular applications and does not replace the judgment of a qualified safety professional or industrial hygienist. Contact your Liberty Safety experts for support.

  3. Read the introduction carefully before proceeding to the next step; it provides important information you will need to complete the task.

  4. Describe the hazards you or your team will face in this task. This includes solid, liquid, gas, aerosol, and vapor forms of different chemical hazards.

  5. If your team will be working with any hazardous liquids or gases, make sure to add the types of chemicals to the list. This will help you identify the potential hazards and take appropriate safety precautions.

  6. Add a few more details about the exposure to the hazard, including the time, intensity, and route of exposure, as well as potential for fire hazard.

  7. Select the fabric, seam, and design options best suited to your hazard scenario.

  8. Assess the suitability of the recommended products for your specific scenario. Have questions? Ask your Liberty Safety experts!

No results found? Here are some reasons why

If you’ve used DuPont™ SafeSPEC™ Product Selector Tool and haven’t found any results, there are a few possible reasons why:

  • You may have entered incorrect or incomplete information. Make sure you’ve entered the correct hazard type, application, and environmental conditions.
  • There may be no products that meet your specific needs. If you’re using the tool to find a product for a rare or specific hazard, it’s possible that DuPont doesn’t offer a product that meets your needs. Talk to your Liberty Safety expert to find the PPE you need.  

Here are some tips for using the DuPont Product Selector Tool to get the best results:

  • Be as specific as possible when entering your information; Providing the most accurate information possible will yield the most relevant results.
  • Consider using the advanced search features. The advanced search features allow you to filter results by product type, brand, and other criteria.
  • Don’t be afraid to contact DuPont customer support. If you’re having trouble using the tool, DuPont customer support is happy to help.

You can also use the SafeSPEC™ Product Selector’s Search by Industry and Search by Hazard features:

  • These options allow you to configure different scenarios, with varying levels of specificity.

You can also use the SafeSPEC™ Product Selector features to Search by Industry and Search by Hazard

Search by Industry allows users to find appropriate PPE solutions based on hazardous tasks that are common on worksites.

Search by Hazard allows users to search for multiple, specific hazards that may be present on the job site. Search by Hazard is especially helpful for multi-hazard environments.

Found the right solution for your needs? Purchase the products at Liberty Safety.

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DuPont™ SafeSPEC™ products are available at Liberty Safety. Liberty Safety offers a wide range of safety clothing products featured on SafeSPEC™ to meet the needs of workers in a variety of industries, including:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical processing
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation

Liberty Safety’s experts can help you choose the right PPE for your situation, including sizing, design, and application of the product.

In addition to DuPont Personal Protection products, Liberty Safety also offers a wide supply of personal protective equipment products from leading brands for any kind of risk and hazard.

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