Take the Sizzle Out of Summer With 4 Cooling Products for the Outdoor Workforce

Anyone managing people working outdoors during the summer months is well aware things get hot! With temperatures predicted to reach record highs this summer, it looks like it will be more of the same this year.

As a result, the EPA says the risk of heat-related illness continues to increase. But there is some good news. Most companies are strengthening their heat response plans, making it a priority to help workers cope.

Along with practical worksite protocols, the right cooling gear can also provide some relief. With that in mind, Liberty Safety offers a collection of smart cooling products meant for outdoor workers during the summer months.

Below, we have listed the details of four of our favorites. Each one brings its own cooling feature. They can be worn on their own or together for maximum cool down.

Throw Some Serious Shade With

HiVizGard™ Full Brim Neck Shade

Because the sun cannot always be avoided, managing your exposure to it is made a lot easier when you can shield your face and neck area. The HiVizGard™ Full Brim with Neck Shade will keep you covered while you work outside.

The hi-vis material of this cooling product provides great visibility and fits on most outside cap-style and full-brim hard hats. It can also be folded into a pouch which makes it portable and convenient. It comes in several fluorescent colors to enhance outdoor worker visibility.

Get Relief Quickly by Using the

DuraWear™ Cooling Towel

When it is extra hot outside, it feels good to be able to reach for a towel that will not only mop the sweat from your brow but also bring your temperature down. The DuraWear™ Cooling Towel is made to do just that. It is designed with an advanced Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA) material that is also antimicrobial-treated to prevent mold build-up.

You can activate the cooling effect by soaking it in water for 2 to 3 minutes, wringing out excess water, and wrapping it around your head or neck for an instant feeling of refreshment. Some workers find it effective to wipe it on the pulse points of their body as well.

Cool Your Core in a

HiVizGard™ Evaporative Cooling Safety Vest

Like our other cooling products, you can easily activate the cooling relief of this Class 2 certified antimicrobial safety vest by soaking it in cold water for 2-5 minutes. Then just gently wring it out, and it is ready to wear.

Even when the lightweight quilted nylon material is wet, it was designed to keep you dry. By using an evaporative cooling process, the chance of heat exhaustion and heat-related fatigue is greatly reduced.

Chill Out in Style with the

DuraWear™ Cooling Bandana

Attack the summer heat with a bandana that holds its cool. Soak the DuraWear™ Cooling Bandana in water and use it as an evaporative cooler. Made of polyvinyl alcohol material, it is quickly activated and can cool you down when you need it most.

This universal-sized bandana can be tied around the neck or worn like a headband, and it is machine washable too. When properly maintained, you can use it over and over again.

Take the Heat Seriously and Plan Ahead

For many outdoor workers and their employers, increasingly frequent instances of extreme heat will be an ongoing worry.

And though the Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA) does not speak to heat stress directly, they do offer heat illness prevention information. It is a reliable source that recognizes the three key ingredients to combat heat stress, Water, Rest, and Shade.

As part of that plan and as a way to further protect your workers from the scorching summer heat, including the suggested cooling products above just makes sense. It is also an excellent way for you to show your ongoing commitment to your worker’s well-being.

To try one of our cooling products for yourself by filling out a “request a sample” form you can find it here or contact us for more information.