Building With Safety: Your Guide to Construction Job Site Safety

Construction Job Site Safety

Workers in the construction industry are exposed to significant risks daily, increasing the likelihood of accidents on job sites. The statistics are alarming; according to, since 2008, the construction industry has experienced more total fatalities than any other sector. 

Furthermore, additional data from reveals that in 2021 alone, there were 169,200 recorded injuries in the construction industry. In the face of these dangers, gearing up with above-the-shoulder safety products isn’t just a matter of compliance – it’s a crucial investment in worker safety.

Understanding Above-the-Shoulder Products

Above-the-shoulder products mitigate workers’ risks, particularly in high-risk environments like construction sites. This specialized protective gear encompasses a range of items, including eyewear, head protection, bandanas, neck shades, and respirators. Learn more about each type below:

  1. Eye Wear: Eye protection is one of the most crucial above-the-shoulder PPE. Construction sites are filled with flying debris, dust, and other hazards that can cause serious eye injuries. Safety glasses, goggles, and face shields are essential for shielding the eyes from harm.
  2. Head Protection: Hard hats are iconic symbols of construction safety. They protect workers from falling objects, bumps, and electrical hazards. Choosing the correct type of hard hat for your job is crucial to ensure optimal protection and compliance with safety regulations.
  3. Bandanas: Bandanas serve multiple functions as safety gear. Worn around the neck, they protect against dust, sun exposure, and other environmental factors. They can also be worn over the face for added protection. Bandanas also help absorb sweat, improving visibility and comfort on the job site.
  4. Neck Shades: Neck shades are specialized accessories that protect the neck and lower face from sun exposure and other hazards. They offer added comfort and protection, particularly in hot and sunny conditions. Liberty Safety neck shades are available for Hi-Vis Full-Brim and Cap-Style hard hats, and come in chemically treated FR options. 
  5. Respirators: In environments where air quality may be compromised, respirators play a pivotal role in protecting workers from harmful airborne contaminants. Various types are available, including disposable masks and reusable respirators. Selecting the appropriate respirator is essential for ensuring respiratory health and safety on the job.

Construction Safety Week

Construction Safety Week is an annual event that aims to raise awareness about job site safety and foster a culture of safety among workers, contractors, and companies in the construction industry. This year, Construction Safety Week was observed from May 6th – 10th, with each day dedicated to a specific topic and accompanied by toolbox talks:

  • May 6th: Driving Personal Ownership
  • May 7th: Encourage and Welcome New Ideas
  • May 8th: Embracing Every Voice
  • May 9th: Strengthen Our Culture
  • May 10th: Thank You for Using Your Voice

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Choosing the Right Above-the-Shoulder PPE for the Job

When selecting the right Above-the-Shoulder PPE for the job site, it’s crucial to assess the work environment and its potential hazards.

For personalized guidance and support, contact a Liberty Safety Representative to connect with one of our product experts and ensure workforce safety.

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In alignment with Construction Safety Week, let’s unite to embrace the importance of safety on construction job sites. Investing in high-quality, Above-the-Shoulder products protects workers from injury and fosters a safer, more productive work environment for everyone. 

Your safety is our priority. It’s all part of our freedom in full gear promise.