Our Favorite High-Performance Protective Gear Picks for 2022

Safety requirements and needs can change every year, causing PPE products to change along with them.

In an effort to stay on top of the latest and best in protective apparel, we pay close attention to the recommendations from the safety community. So, we begin 2022 with extra attention to some of our enduring favorites like gloves, disposable and barrier protections, and products that introduce style with function.

In this post, we’re looking at a few of those products and highlighting the features that make them great.

Multipurpose hand protection leads the way

No matter the year, preventing injuries to workers’ hands is always a critical consideration. But, with the labor shortages we faced in 2021, it was especially important in keeping crucial team members on the job.

From truckers to construction workers, reliable work gloves were and still remain a popular staple.

And since 72.5% of our goods continue to be delivered by truck, workers in the trucking industry relied on finding a multipurpose driving glove that could go the distance.

Truckers were not alone in that need. Many industry workers still look for that type of hand protection – one with terrific grip and can hold up during tough jobs.

In addition, well-fitting gloves that offer abrasion resistance and impact protections persist as well requested items.

Here’s a look at a few of our best overall work gloves:

Goatskin Drivers Gloves with Para Aramid Lining

These days driving gloves need to do more. The Goatskin Drivers Gloves with Para Aramid Lining is made of a cut resistance level 4 leather that’s perfect for workers who do heavy lifting and need steady control.

It’s built of a durable, quality grain goatskin on the outside with an inner lining that can’t be beaten for comfort. It’s made for performance, protection and an exceptional fit including:

  • Keystone thumb construction
  • Para Aramid lining
  • Color-coded fabric hemmed cuffs
  • Shirred elastic back

G-Grip™ Micro-Foam Nitrile Coated

2021 saw protective coatings as a sought after glove enhancement. 2022 is showing to be no different. Nitrile is still an excellent coating choice for durability without compromising dexterity and fit.

The G-Grip™ Micro-Foam Nitrile Coated glove is proving to be exceptional quality for value option. Our customers say it provides reliable protection from abrasions and can be worn comfortably for prolonged periods as a general-purpose glove. You’ll also get:

  • Superior grip and abrasion resistance
  • Applicable for both wet and dry applications
  • Colored cuffs for easy size identification
  • Durable to last through multiple launderings

X-Grip™ Polyurethane Coated

Along with all the benefits of a nitrile coating, polyurethane remains a fantastic choice, and we can see why it continues to be in demand. The X-Grip™ Polyurethane Coated Glove is a comfortable glove built for jobs specific to manufacturing settings.

The Wooltran® material blend gives this glove a high tensile strength to weight ratio and superior fit. It provides:

  • ANSI cut level 2
  • High energy absorption and low elongation
  • Non-slip, dust, and lint-free, breathable
  • Durable enough to last through multiple launderings

Charger II™ Impact Resistant Gloves

Durability seems to be the name of the game for all gloves this year. But when you’re tasked with tough jobs like moving heavy machinery or machine maintenance, you need more than that. Your hands need serious protection from impact hazards that could leave them severely damaged.

That’s why our Charger II™ Impact Resistant Gloves sell so well. They reliably keep hands safe with a strong TPR (ThermoPlastic Rubber) that covers the backhand and fingers. And, the sandy foam nitrile palm coating adds another layer of protection. Look for this glove to be:

  • High cut resistance at an ANSI cut level A6
  • Non-slip, breathable foam padding on the palm
  • Kevlar® thread sewn reinforced thumb crotch
  • Durable, washable, reusable

Hi-vis Green Poly Corduroy Double Palm Canvas

For those working in demanding environments like oil and gas sites, the go-to glove for last year and again this year is a hi-visibility, durable canvas option. Our Hi-vis Green Poly Corduroy Double Palm Canvas classic delivers precisely as promised every time.

It’s an ideal glove for heavy use and works particularly well for those workers in the oil field because it absorbs slick liquids and still maintains a strong grip on heavy equipment. The hi-vis green or orange color helps workers be seen and also meets safety requirements.

The heavy-duty canvas is a reliable fabric that goes the extra mile to provide soft, comfortable protection. You’ll also get:

  • Double palm construction
  • Straight thumb and clute pattern
  • Matching fluorescent green knit wrist
  • Inner napping for extra comfort wear

The demand for masks and other safety protections persists

2021 like 2020, was a challenging year, still requiring us to seek added safety precautions. It’s a trend that continues.

Of course, face masks are still required in many situations. A popular design is the disposable type, but it isn’t the only disposable PPE that’s effective. Disposable coveralls also provide protections specific to many industries.

Rubber boots can’t be beat for preventing slips, trips, and falls. They can create barriers from certain contaminants too. It’s PPE that remains essential to many workers.

Our best-sellers are:

DuraMask™ 3-ply Face Masks with Ear Loops

The nose pieces in the DuraMask™ 3-ply Face Masks with Ear Loops hold their position, which means you don’t have to keep pulling it up or down to keep it in place.

The black color makes for a nice change of pace too. The aluminum in the nose piece won’t rust and is lightweight enough to be comfortable but sturdy enough to withstand the needed adjustments. It’s a face mask that’s constructed with:

  • Better fit around the nose, mouth, and chin
  • 3-ply earloop with fabric wrapped elastic band
  • Single strap and latex-free material

Learn more about how to wear your mask properly by checking out our Respiratory Protection Fit and Wear guide here.

ProGard™ Coverall with Attached Hood and Boots

When choosing protective coverings, the ProGard™ Coverall with Attached Hood and Boots offers just the right light to medium weight protection. It’s ideal for use in laboratory work, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. It’s made from a durable and robust material that provides non-hazardous particulate protection while offering excellent breathability.

It’s no wonder it’s a best seller because it also has:

  • Zipper front with storm fly and closure at chin
  • Elastic wrist and waist create a secure fit
  • Attached hood and skid-resistant boots
  • Serged seams and low linting

DuraWear™ Steel Toe PVC Boots

Maybe a little more function than style, but these DuraWear™ Steel Toe PVC Boots are awesome for reliability. The durable build with steel toe protection means you’re ready to take on the day no matter what it throws at you. Constructed of a flexible yet sturdy PVC, it’s a slip-on boot that’s 100% waterproof and resistant to a broad range of contaminants.

Beyond all that, it’s a comfortable boot you’ll be able to wear all day. The 16” length will have you wading through areas you wouldn’t even attempt with other boots. And, inside or out, the slip-resistant sole will keep you steady in wet environments. These boots offer:

  • One-piece injection mold
  • Black high molecular PVC compound
  • Bar cleat outsole with an over the sock style
  • Availability in plain or steel toe

Protections with style and function shine in 2022

Safety glasses, vests, and boots have been around for a long time. But, 2021 (and now 2022) saw more of a stylish flair to workwear. From safety glasses that took on an authentic sporty look to the addition of a hi-vis surveyor vest with a black lower half, its innovation meets practical good looks.

Check out what’s been popular below, and you be the judge.

Aura II™ Polarized Safety Glasses


The  Aura II™ Polarized Safety Glasses are the latest in trendy eyewear protection. The scratch-resistant polarized lenses filter UVA and UVB rays better than regular tinted lenses. They also provide exceptional glare reduction that enhances clarity and definition in bright work environments.

Available in black frames, they are durable but lightweight, so easy to wear throughout the day. Protect your eyes with these correctly designed, quality-made, and ANSI certified safety glasses that include the following features:

  • Polycarbonate polarized lenses for maximum protection
  • Soft non-slip adjustable rubber nose piece
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • ANSI Z87.1-2015 standard certified

HiVizGard™ Class 2 Solid Front Mesh Back Foreman Surveyor’s Vest with Black Bottom

Are you looking for your next hi-vis vest to have pockets, fit, durability, and be washable? Check, check, check and check! Compliant with ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 standards, the HiVizGard™ Class 2 Solid Front Mesh Back Foreman Surveyor’s Vest with Black Bottom features all that and more.

Did we mention pockets? This vest offers a slew of multiple-sized pockets, and you’ll make everyone else jealous when they see the 24”x12” hidden back pocket with right zipper access. It’s big enough for an iPad or, if you prefer a bit of old-school charm, a large notebook. Let’s just put it this way; you won’t run out of places to put things.

It’s work gear that gives you comfort, style, and functionality along with:

  • Solid front and mesh back
  • 2” wide reflective stripes with contrasting trim
  • Black padded collar and non-caustic zipper front closure
  • And, it’s also available in orange (C16032FB)

Looking Ahead

Comfort and safety never go out of style. When personal protective equipment lives up to those expectations, you’ll get better buy-in from your workers and a safer work environment.

At Liberty Glove and Safety, we know PPE extends past hard hats and face masks (though we have plenty of options for those). Our New Year’s resolution includes continuing to curate quality, comfortable products at the best value by answering your call for safety gear that’s specific to your needs.

What was your favorite product of 2021? What do you see as the most sought-after PPE for 2022? Contact us today and let us know what you think and how we can help you find what you’re looking for this year and beyond.

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